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Our first video contains a couple of vignettes. The first part involves a phone conversation with some shoe
dangling, a striptease to full nudity, followed by the model receiving a pie in the face. The second part has our
model playing a talk show host and some offscreen hands that just will not leave her alone. The second part has
ripped clothing, full nudity and a couple of pies at the end. The whole video is silent with cartoon sound effects
and a soundtrack similar to an old silent movie comedy. With this being our first video, we have to admit there
was a bit of a learning curve during the filming process. The end result is a product somewhat amateur in nature,
with decent editing  & acting and adequate pie hits. Many of the pantyhose scenes turned out quite sexy.
Video#1 Office Attire
Video price $15.00 /Video length approx. 15 min.
DVD Version
To see a movie clip from Video #1 click HERE or on picture.
Downloadable videos are available at a discounted price at