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Video #12:  Pantyhose & Pies
Video price $20.00 /Video length approx. 25min.
To see a movie clip from Video #12 click HERE or on picture.
This video features Kobe.  Click HERE to visit her website.
DVD Version
Video 12 features Kobe from videos 8, 30, & 42.  In our first skit, Kobe is an office worker who teases
you with a sexy striptease and black pantyhose.  This skit features wig play.  The second skit has Kobe
teasing & finally roughing up Smiley.  Smiley gets a little revenge and they both wind up pied.  This video
also features Kobe dressing for the above skits.
Click HERE to visit her Yahoo Group. (Kobe said to make sure you enter your age in your profile if
you join her group)
Downloadable videos are available at a discounted price at