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Video #3: Strip Poker/Talk Show Host
Our third videos features another model in two vignettes.  Our first vignette features an office worker playing
strip poker with the Smiley character from the second video.  The model ends up losing the game, of
course, and at the end we have a little bit of fun with a wig.  The second vignette involves the same model
trying to host a TV show but she is always being interupted by the Smiley character.  She finally loses her
temper gets a little violent with Smiley.  In the end, however, after some clothes ripping, she ends up totally
nude and with a three pies in the face.   We even included the model cleaning up a little after the final credits
on the video.
Video price $15.00 /Video length approx. 15 min.
To see a movie clip from Video #3 click HERE or on picture.
DVD Version
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