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Video #4: Mean Ol' Boss/Talk Show Host
Our fourth video features a pretty Asian model in a couple of vignettes.  The first vignette has Smiley
playing  the mean boss who hates employees goofing off on the job -- which is what our model is doing.  In
order to keep from getting fired she has to submit to his whims -- shoe play, clothes ripping, and posing on
the desk.  We  also have some wig fun at the end of this skit.  The second vignette has Smiley being
interviewed by the same model.  Smiley has other interests besides just talking though.  After some shoe
play and clothes ripping, there is a good pie scene at the end -- perhaps our best and wamiest yet -- four
normal pies and three baby pies.
To see a movie clip from Video #4 click HERE or on picture.
Video price $15.00 /Video length approx. 15 min.
DVD Version
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