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Video #40:  Poltergeist! (at large)
Video price $15.00 /Video length approx. 15min.
To see a movie clip from Video #40 click HERE or on picture.
This video features Kobe.  Click HERE to visit her website.
DVD Version
Video 40features Kobe from videos 8 & 30, and 42. This video is a custom with a little more bondage than
our usual videos but humor as well.  Unlike our other videos this film features live "sound" so you are able to
hear Kobe talk.  The story line has Kobe, who has just moved into her new home, being pestered by a
mischievious Poltergeist.  After several spiritual occurances she calls in an excorcist.  This video features
clothes-ripping, bondage, encasing, water & cake batter gunging, wig play, & pies.
Click HERE to visit her Yahoo Group. (Kobe says to make sure you enter your age in your profile if
you join her group)
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