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Video #42:  The Secret Formula/The News
Video price $20.00 /Video length approx. 25min.
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This video features Kobe.  Click HERE to visit her website.
DVD Version
Video 42 features Kobe from videos 8 & 30.  In our first skit, our model is the security guard for the
Premium Custard Company and Smiley is the thief trying to steal the secret formula.  Smiley tries tickling
and pieing to make Kobe tell where the formula is hidden.  He finally ends up with a bucket of vanilla
custard that he pours all over Kobe.  In the next skit, Kobe is a newswoman who has to deal with a
mischievious Smiley.  This skit features, tickling, clothes-ripping, wig play & a pie scene.
Click HERE to visit her Yahoo Group. (Kobe said to make sure you enter your age in your profile if
you join her group)
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