Video #46; Kobe's Revenge
Video price $25.00 /Video length approx. 40 min.
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This video features Kobe.  Click HERE to visit her website.
DVD Version
Video 46 features Kobe from videos 8, 30, & 42.  In this video, Kobe has had it with all of the trouble
Smiley has caused her.  She wants revenge and she has plans for several traps to get back at Smiley.  
Unfortunately, the traps all seem to back fire! This skit features, tickling, clothes-ripping, pantyhose,
stockings, garter belts, wig play, water, sliming & pies.  As an extra, there are also several extra cleanup
scenes at the end.
Click HERE to visit her Yahoo Group. (Kobe said to make sure you enter your age in your profile if
you join her group)
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