Video #50:  The Restaurant/What To Wear?
Video #50 features new models Malloy and Isobel.  Our first skit has Malloy and Smiley dining out on a
romantic date.  Things start going haywire, though,  when Malloy goes to the powder room and one of
Smiley's old girlfriends, Isobel,  sits down to chat.  Malloy and Isobel get into a shouting match that
escalates into a all-out clothes-ripping catfight.  After they upset a pastry cart during a catfight/piefight, the
upset waiter gives them a couple of complementary pies.  The next skit features Malloy with her robot
servant.  He can't seem to figure out the Malloy wants to wear her clothes instead of having them washed in
the punchbowl.  After Malloy goes through three outfits, her servant decides that what she really needs is
plenty of pies.
Video price $20.00 /Video length approx. 30min.
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