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Video #58:  Armed Robbery/Fighting For Tips
Video #58 features Holly from Videos 43 & 47 as well as new model Heather.  In our first skit, Holly plays
a security guard who is ambushed by Holly & the Black Hat.  After some tickling to find out where the safe
is, Heather uses Holly's uniform as a disguise to steal the money.  However, Holly convices the Black Hat
to join with her and they turn the tables on Heather.  In our second skit, Heather is training new waitress
Holly.  Holly is scolded by Heaather after she tries a striptease to increase her tip.  After pieing & firing
Holly, Heather dedides to try the striptease herself.  Holly notices and pies Heather for revenge.
Video price $20.00 /Video length approx. 40min.
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