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Video #60:  Bombs Away!/The Bill Collector
Video #60 features Heather from Video #58.  In our first skit, Heather plays the Boss who has had it with
Smiley's incompetence.  In fact, she has gone crazy and now wants to blow him up.  She makes several
tries but they always go the wrong way.  In part two, our model is at her office and in debt up to her ears.
Creditor Smiley is knocking at the door with his moving crew.  He is ordered to take away everythng -
even the shirt off Heather's back!  There is a nice pie scene at the end which starts as a result of our model
trying to wrestle away a pie Smiley found in her file cabinet.
DVD price $20.00 /Video length approx. 25min.
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