Video #66:  Vending Machine/My Psychiatrist
DVD price $20.00 /Video length approx. 45 min.
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Video 66 features Pam from Video #14 & 19.  In our first skit, Pam is having trouble with the office
vending machine that wants to take all of her clothes instead of giving her her cup of coffee.  At the end, the
vending machine hands out plenty of pies.  In our second skit, Smiley is visiting his psychiatrist who is bored
stiff  listening to him tell about his fetish problems.  She teases him for fun with her pantyhosed legs.  It turns
out, though, that it is only one of Smiley's daydreams.  When Pam falls asleep listening to him, Smiley gets
out the shaving cream and pies.
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