Video #68:  The Help/Spy On Spy
DVD price $20.00 /Video length approx. 35 min.
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Video 68 features Kobe and new model Savannah.  In our first skit, Savannah & Smiley play the maid &
butler while Kobe is the rich & demanding lady of the house.  Savannah & Smiley have trouble with the
vaccuum but they learn how to use it on Kobe after she fires them.   In our second skit, Kobe plays the spy
with her assistant Smiley.  Smiley helps to keep Kobe on her toes by attacking her when she arrives home
from work.  Kobe decides to spy on Savannah at her mansion but winds up being caught where she is
chained, tickled & pied.  Luckily, Smiley defeats the Black Hat and then they give Savannah a taste of her
own medicine.
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